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Welocme to Friday Night Fights  
September 30th was, without a doubt, the most exciting evening of bouts in the 2005 Friday Night Fights NYC Series. A great crowd attended the event every bout thrilled the audience with consistent action throughout the night. "Anyone one of tonight's bouts would have qualified for the best fight of the night on our previous Fight Nights, the evening's bouts were as about as closely matched as possible and each of the competitors came with everything they had" producer Justin Blair". Each victory of the evening was hard fought and well earned.

Victor Mantero from came through with a victory over Joseph Arroyo in a close match that could have gone to either boxer. Both young men impressed the crowd with their impressive skills that made it hard to believe that they were both relatively new boxers.

Yohei Nishiyama (Church St) and Mark Johns fought what many at ringside believe was the most high energy and intense fight of the night. Both fighters managed to keep the other busy with Nishiyama taking the decision and the Best Fight of the Night.

Mike Reno's (FDNY) technical skills earned him a victory against Takeshi Sato. Supported by a throng of Fire Fighters, Reno mustered up enough to win against the very game Sato. "I couldn't believe it" Reno said "I was hitting him with everything I had and he kept smiling at me the whole fight".

Ed Iskander and Alex Carpentieri, both first timers brought a large contingent of supporters and each one of them got their money's worth with this match. Iskander ended the evening early by coming up off of the canvas to end the match 30 seconds later in the 2nd round.

With back to back displays of determination, Mohamid Habib lost a close decision against Jay Rodriguez. Both men were floored during the match and at several times during the event it looked as though either boxer could have ended the match earlier then the scheduled 3 rounds.

The pride of Church St, Gustavo "Chucky" Naranjo at his leanest (114lbs) trained for 2 months straight for 2 minutes of action against Larry Tumlin. Tumlin boxed incredibly however Naranjo's nonstop pressure kept him off balance. A flurry of punches from both fighters at the end of round one dazzled the crowd. Naranjo had the edge and Tumlin had had enough and failed to answer the bell at the start of the 2nd round.

Percy Gaynillo and Milton Clark ended the boxing portion of the evening by keeping up the pace and tone of just about all of the other fighters. In a classic match of slugger vs. boxer, nonstop punching through the first two rounds left the bout up in the air for the 3rd and final round. Throughout the fight both men landed hard, clean shots. Both fighters were exhausted in the last round with Gaynillo slightly outworking Clark to take the decision.

The Muay Thai was equally as thrilling as Dan Bowers taking the decision from Eric Brown. While Brown was physically strong, Bowers was clearly the more skilled fighter and landed the cleaner, more effective shots.

Chris Kwiatkowski (Church St) fought the closest match of the evening as he successfully defended his WKA Northeast Regional Title against the incredibly hard hitting and aggressive Jason Teitlebaum. Teitlebaum was remarkably reserved leading up to the match -- almost as if he was saving every bit of energy for the evening's main event. "While I can't argue with the result, I don't think Kwiatkowski winning by such a large margin" Brian Wright, Teitlebaum's trainer and manager said. The crowd agreed as their was a mixed response from the crowd when the decision was read.

In the final bout of the evening, Zadi Morris gave up experience and weight to Al Karim Wactor. To say that Wactor was confident leading up to the fight would be an understatement. In the first round Wactor was aggressive winging large looping punches and moving forward. Wactor seemed to be overwhelming Morris however in the second round Morris returned the favor and took control of the match. The combination of a busy first round and perhaps the discouragement that Morris took everything he had to give, seemed to take the wind our of Wactor's sails. Throughout the second and third round, Morris dominated Wactor despite the fact that every punch by Wactor had bad intentions.

A fitting ending to the evening, Morris exited the ring as quietly as he entered the ring, a bit tired from the adrenaline and with a smile on his face.......so did the crowd from the Hall.
Amateur Boxing
Victor Mantero
Brunswick Boxing Gym NJ
Bantam Weights Joseph Arroyo
Church St Boxing Gym
Yohei Nishiyama
Church St Boxing Gym
Feather Weights Mark Johns
Old School Boxing Gym, Washington DC
Mike Reno
NY Fire Department Boxing Team
Jr. Middleweights Takeshi Sato
Rhino Fight Club, Queens, NY
Megan Vallerie
Church St Boxing Gym
Super Featherweights Enora Nieto
Rudy’s Boxing Club, Mt. Kisko NY
Ed Iskander
Church St Boxing Gym
Jr. Middleweights Alex Carpentieri
Rudy’s Boxing Club, Mt. Kisko NY
Mohammed Habib
Rhino Fight Team
Queens, NY
Light Heavyweights Jay Rodriquez
Brotherhood Boxing Club, Green Point, NY
Gustavo Naranjo
Church St Boxing Gym
Flyweights Larry Tumlin
Old School Boxing Gym, Washington DC
Percy Gaynillo
Church St Boxing Gym
Jr. Welterweights Milton Clark
Betances Boxing Club, Bronx, NY
Muay Thai Matches


Daniel Bowers
  Eric Brown
Anderson’s Martial Arts
Chris Kwiatkowski
147 lb regional championship
Church St Boxing Gym
  Jason Titlebaum
Extreme Fight Team, Ocean, NJ
Zadi Morris
Ultimate Muay Thai Gym, NYC, NY
  Al Karim Wactor
Second Nature Kick Boxing
Easton, PA
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