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Welocme to Friday Night Fights  

The second time back at the "Big Room" things just got better. With 14 action packed bouts including the victorious return of "Mr. Classic", Chris Romulo, the stunning defeat of 2008 Golden Gloves Champion William Whitt and a main event that lived up to the hype - Noiwibon vs. Topic everyone was on their feet throughout the night and left satisfied. A packed house was on hand to take in the evening's event - attendees included DJ Star (Star & Buck Wild Show), actor John Leguizamo & Ms. Puerto Rico 2008, Ingrid Marie Rivera.

By now, people seem to just know that we'll step it up whenever we go to the big room and we made sure to roll out the big guns. We knew that after the last visit to the big room, that expectations would be high. While the bout results are listed here, the bouts that peaked most people's interest was the return of Chris Romulo against Jay Ellis.

A miscommunication between the ambulance and the ringside staff caused an awkward delay once Romulo and Ellis entered into the ring however once the bell rang to start the first round, Ellis lived up to his expectation as a gun slinger and came out blazing. A barrage of punches stunned Romulo early in the round however a jab followed by a right cross from Romulo sent stopped Ellis in his tracks and dropped him. Before the referee counted to 4 the bout was called off.

The main event, Kittisak Noiwibon vs. Ognjen Topic intrigued both die hard fight fans and passive observers alike. Whether you were familiar with the finer details of Muay Thai or this was your first time - it was clear that these were two talented fighters competing at a very high level. Both fighters demonstrated the entertaining combination of skills, athletic ability and explosive power.  While Topic was competitive Noiwibon's experienced was the determining factor in the bout and seemed to be enough to keep Topic from unleashing his full offensive capabilities. While Noiwibon won the bout, Topic and his camp considered it a successful venture and were glad for the opportunity to see how this 22 year old 9-2-2 fighter stood up against the best in his division.

Several other bouts entertained the crowd as well and with a card that lasted into the late hours (including 3 first round knock outs), it's safe to say that our biggest show yet lived up to the expectations of our fans.

Our next event, October 24th, will be an 8 man muay thai tournament featuring several of the top middle weights competing today - all fighting their way to the WKA North American Light Middle Weight Title. This next event will be in the small room so we strongly suggest that you get your tickets in advance as this will sell out.

September 28th, 2008 FNF Bout results:

Rommel Malaban
Dec 3
Cruiser Weights / Boxing
Eric Henriquez

Henry Eboue

Dec 5
Jr. Middle Weights / Muay Thai
Nick Valsamis
Treysean Johnson
Dec 5
Jr. Welter Weights / Boxing
William Whitt
Shane Donahue

Dec 3
Jr Welter Weights / Muay Thai
Greg Lachaga
Chela Yancy
Ret. 3
Light Weights / Boxing
Stephany Merillo
Elijah Clark
KO 3
Super Middle Weights / Muay Thai
Carlos Cruz
Reuben Valle
Dec 3
Middle Weights / Boxing
Steve Regmen
Liam Tarrant
KO 2
Jr. Middle Weights / Muay Thai
Juan Delgado

Feature Bout

Chris Romulo
KO 1
Super Middle Weights / Muay Thai
Jay Ellis
Dawid Janasek Dec 3
Super Middle Weights / Boxing
James Clark

Main Event

Kittisak Noiwibon Dec 5
Super Feather Weights / Muay Thai           
Ognjen Topic
Lasheem Richardson Dec 4
Light Weights / Boxing
Laquan Lewis
Chellemar Bernard Dec 3
Light Heavy Weights / Boxing
Cory Nelson
Mike Kipnes Dec 3
Light Heavy Weights / Muay Thai
Kyle Hillman


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