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Welocme to Friday Night Fights  

May 12th, 2006 was another great evening of  amateur boxing at the Friday Night Fights Series.

A great crowd was in attendance and the standard of boxing was some of toughest competition we have yet to see. After several events combining Muay Thai Boxing and regular amateur boxing we decided to go back to our roots with an evening of just boxing.

Olade Thomas and Derek Silviera started off the night with their 4 round open class junior middle-weight bout. Silveira, with over 100 bouts under his belt was competitive however it was Thomas that would edge him out for the victory.

In the second bout of the evening, Susan Merlucci and Church Street’s Stephanie Schollenberger made their amateur debut against one another. The first round was the best of the night for Schollenberger however it would be Merlucci’s first victory at the end of the match.

The third bout of the night featured Church Street’s Bryan Dinkelaker against Malla Fountin (from Cameroon). Dinkelaker effectively moved forward throughout the first round however a haymaker of a right hand from Fountin landed squarely during the second round and ended the match.

Camille Currie and Enora Nieto met for the second time in three  weeks in what seemed to be a mirror image of their previous match. Once again it was Currie that walked with the decision although it will most definitely not be last time we see FNF NYC regular Enora Nieto.

Mike Reno has boxed in more matches then most when it comes to the Friday Night Fights NYC Series so it was with great anticipation that the match between Reno and the winner of the novice division of this year’s golden gloves tournament was made with Lambrose Karolides. This would be Karolides’ first open class match and he faced a game opponent in Reno. Karolides took control early on and while Reno was able to counter effectively, the forward progress of Karolides proved to be too much and was enough to have Reno’s corner stop the match after the 3rd round.

The Scion half-time show featured three dancers from the Breaks Crew which included two of the dancers entering the crowd to simultaneously perform headspins! As always, the Scion half time show was a great way to mix up the evening.

The next bout of the evening, pitted crowd favorite, Church Street’s own, Gustavo “Chucky” Naranjo against Pennsylvania’s Ricky Snyder. Snyder, who was 9-0 and a marathon runner, came to fight. Gustavo had not fought on the Friday Night Fights NYC Series since September 2005 and not at all since the golden gloves match in February of this year. So, Chucky was eager to get back to it. In what was the best fight of the night both flyweight fighters let it rip! Snyder went down in the 1st round however he had effectively countered Naranjo’s ever present forward movement enough to make the match highly entertaining. Both fighters were incredibly busy and the fans were out of their seats for the entire match. When the bell for the 4th round rang Snyder’s corner decided they had seen enough and Naranjo walked away with what was by far the most impressive victory of his amateur career.

After the flyweight match, super heavy weights Shawn Mclean and Vaughn Pharsons clashed. Mclean (210) and Pharsons (250) slugged it out with Mclean winning the early rounds. In the 3rd round, behind on the score cards, Pharsons let rip with a solid right hand that dropped Mclean. The referee stopped the count at 7 and declared the match a TKO.

Super Middle weights David Agugliardo and Tony Pasakas fought for three rounds however Agugliardo maintained control over the match despite Pasakas’ game effort and walked out of the ring with the victory.

First timer Jamie Soto was simply overwhelmed by his opponent, Church Street’s Joey “Iron Boy” Arroyo and after several heated exchanges during the first and second rounds, Soto’s coach had decided he had seen enough and threw in the towel.

In the last match of the evening Greg Copeland of Pennsylvania stopped Shaka Davidson in their middle weight 3 round bout. Davidson, who was undefeated, was even throughout the match until Copeland landed the key shot that won the match.

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