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Welocme to Friday Night Fights  

Herve Duroseau
Westbury PAL, Westbury NY
Boxing Rudy Ramirez
Rudy’s Boxing Gym, Mt. Kisko NY
Mayra Solis
Hooligan Athletic Club, Allentown, PA
Thai Marlena Martin
Iron Tiger Gym, Toronto, Canada
Jose Guzman
NYC Public School B.C.
Boxing Edwin Irrizary
Brooklyn NYC
Gizelly Andrade
Sitan Gym, Queens, NY
Thai Liz Linstrom
5 points Fitness, NYC, NY
Dwight Grant
Anderson’s Martial Arts NYC, NY
Thai Maksym Steponchencko
Eclipse Gym, Green Brook, NJ
Camiile Currie
Kingsway Boxing Gym NYC, NY
Boxing Enora Nieto
Rudy’s Boxing Gym, Mt. Kisko, NY
Kevin Kerk
Varlaro’s Martial Arts, Mayetta, NJ
Thai Sean Oquilbvie
Iron Tiger Gym, Toronto, Canada
Jamel Spencer
Church St. Boxing Gym NYC
Boxing George Santiago
Brotherhood Boxing Club, Queens, NY
Jose Guerrito
Bronx, NY
Boxing Max Aguayo
Church St. Boxing Gym NYC
Eric Utsch
Team Coban Allentown, PA
Thai Andras Gal
Ardon’s Sweet Science Brooklyn, NY

Shane Campbell
Iron Tiger Gym, Toronto, Canada
Thai Abdlamine Khezzani
Sitan Gym, Queens, NY

Another fantastic episode of the Friday Night Fights NYC Series in the books!

Approximately 1,000 people filed in for an evening of NYC’s best fight series when the doors opened after a layoff of over 3 months. The matches were highly competitive and the new format of alternating styles from Muay Thai matches and boxing matches together throughout the evening was well received.

As always, Master of Ceremonies Dave Diamante was on hand as well as the Scratch DJ Academy. The Scion halftime show featured DJ Esquire and DJ Precision battling against one another……IN THE RING and the competition was as charged as any of the other matches that night!

That evening featured 11 bouts, 5 amateur boxing and 6 Muay Thai bouts.

The first fight of the evening between Herve Duroseau and Rudy Ramirez was a tremendous match and a great opener. Ramirez, a crowd favorite at the FNF NYC Series lost a close 3 round-match to FNF NYC newcomer Duroseau.

While Marlena Martin and Mayra Solis were both first timers Martin was no match for Solis and was TKO’d in the second match of the night. While both women fought courageously it was clearly Solis’ night.

Two of the best light weight amateur boxers in NYC competed against one another in the first 4 round match of the evening. The 2005 Golden Gloves Champion Edwin Irrizary and the 2006 runner up, Jose Guzman faced off in a great match that fired the fans up. Guzman was the winner however we don’t think that this will be the last time these two meet.

Liz Linstrom and Gizelly Andrade met for the third time in their fighting careers. Linstrom was competitive throughout the bout however by the time the bell rang for the third and final round of their Muay Thai match, Andrade was well in control and walked away with the decision.

Muay Thai fighters Maksym Stepanchenko and Dwight Grant were the “big boys” of the evening. At nearly 200 pounds each these two had the skills and power to keep the attention of everyone in the room. While Stepanchenko’s boxing skills were impressive, Grant’s athleticism was enough to pull out the close decision…..much to the delight of the large crowd that came to support him.

Camille Currie’s match with Enora Nieto restarted  the action after the half time show, both girls worked hard throughout the match. Nieto seemed to have the fight under control when mid way through it she seemed to back up rather than move forward. That, combined with the combinations from Currie gave it to Camille after 3 rounds.

Sean Oquibvie was no match for Kevin Kerk who, controlling the match from the opening bell walked away from the ring with the decision.

When George Santiago and Church Street’s own,  Jamel Spencer,  met in the middle of the ring,  both boxers let everyone know immediately that this would be one of  the best matches of the night. Neither boxer let up for a second. In what was a very close runner up for the best fight of the night, the boxers stood toe to toe for the entire three rounds. When the dust cleared Spencer walked away with the decision and with his 3rd win in his last 4 fights.

Max Aguayo and Jose Guerrito fought in the second open class boxing match of the evening. Each fighter’s skill was impressive and the match was close with Guerrito walking away with the controversial decision.

In the Fight of the Night, Eric Utsch fought against Andras Gal in a 5 round WKA NY State amateur title match in the super middle weight division. Andras Gal took the first two rounds with effective counter punching however, Utsch, increased the pressure and managed to inch out Gal to take the decision.

In the final bout of the night Abdlamine El Khezzani and Shane Campbell met for the WKA Junior Middle Weight North American Title. Khezzani, representing the US and Campbell from Canada clashed in the middle of the ring. Both fighters landed effectively however after the third knock down in the first round referee Fred Corratone called a halt to the action and Campbell left the ring as the victor and the champion.

After 11 exciting bouts the crowd left the hall, happy to have the Friday Night Fights NYC back after 3 months off and eager to return in three weeks on May 12th.

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