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Welocme to Friday Night Fights  

June 8th, 2007 FNF Event Summary

It’s official, we’re on the radar!

This past event marked the 10th year anniversary of the Friday Night Fights NYC Series! In June of 1997, out of the Church Street Boxing Gym, the Friday Night Fights NYC Series hosted it’s first event. And in the 10 years since then we’ve come a long way baby!

A sold out show with a packed house inside and several hundred more people (turned away) outside, the June 8th Friday Night Fights NYC Series celebrated it’s 10th year in style. Actually, the Sunday Styles.  A few weeks earlier, the NY Times Sunday Styles Section let the cat out of the bag and featured the series. The previous 4 events had sold out completely so with this story ticket demand increased to dizzying heights. 4 days before the event online tickets were sold out and judging from the faces in the crowd there seemed to be a whole new wave of members of the Friday Night Fight Club.

A great vibe filled the hall as those who had been there before along with the first timers anticipated the evening’s festivities. While there were several exciting bouts, the three that seemed to intrigue the crowd the most were: Nishiyama vs. Arroyo, Nuncio vs. Vass and Romulo vs. Davis.

Nishiyama vs. Arroyo

After a long lay off Yohei “the Specimen” Nishiyama faced off against former team-mate Joey Arroyo. In this highly anticipated boxing match both teams trained hard as they each knew the winner would have some serious bragging rights. After 4 hard fought rounds, Arroyo was the winner however this match was one of the highlights of the evening as both fighters stood toe to toe throughout the contest.

Nuncio vs, Vass

2007 Golden Gloves Champion Raul Nuncio clashed with Tomas Vass. While Vass hadn’t fought in over 3 years and never in the US, the newest member of the Church Street Boxing Team fought valiantly against the reigning champion and by many accounts, dominated throughout the match. While Vass and the rest of the crowd were shocked by the decision, in the end, it would go to the champion.

Romulo vs. David

Former amateur Muay Thai champion Chris “Mr. Classic” Romulo hooked up with Oliver Davis in the 5 round main event. Romulo, at 5’9”, 6 inches shorter than his opponent made for an interesting match up. Both fighters had extensive amateur backgrounds and the insiders at ringside knew this would be a great match.

Romulo had trouble getting inside on lanky Davis and throughout the first two rounds, Davis was clearly controlling the fight with his range and his jab. For hometown fans, this was an unusual sight as Romulo had previously built up a 5-0 (4ko’s) record as a pro and never seemed to be in as much trouble as he was after the first two rounds.

Knowing he was behind and had to get something started, Romulo came out guns blazing in the 3rd, clearly turning the momentum back his way.

In the 4th round Davis accidentally landed a knee to Romulo’s head and although it was not a legal blow, it had visibly shaken Romulo. Behind on the score cards and wobbled from the blow Romulo fought through the round to make it back to his corner.

By the time the 5th round started it was clear that Davis was ahead and just minutes away from handing Romulo his first professional loss….until a straight right hand from Romulo rocked Davis followed by a barrage of blows. Referee Chris Wagner stopped the action half way through the final round.

And while the match did not come to a decision, it was unanimous at ringside and to the rest of the audience that this match should win the best fight of the night award.

Walter Velasquez  Boxing
KO 2
Mariano Esparcia
Raul Nuncio 
Dec 4 
Tamas Vass
Shaheen Banks Boxing
Dec 3
Alex Serrano
Liam Torrant
Muay Thai
Dec 3
Chris Price
Chad Makowski 
Dec 3
Peter Morales
Jeff Ciervo 
Muay Thai
Dec 3
Chris Grieg
Joey Arroyo   Boxing
Dec 4
Yohei Nishiyama
Chris Romulo  Muay Thai
KO 5 
Oliver Davis
Dan Kenny 
Dec 3
Tony Tello
Onjen Topic Muay Thai
KO 1
Randy Campbell

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