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Welocme to Friday Night Fights  

April 27th, 2007 FNF Event Summary
Another huge event in the books! April 27th seemed to pick up right where the FNF NYC Series left off after our last event in January.

The event was completely sold out 3 days before and the scene outside the venue was something else. With a line around the block going to 10th Avenue, those that didn’t have a ticket were looking high and low for a way to get into the big show.

With fighters from as far away as Toronto, Philadelphia and Boston, the event’s bout line up was an impressive one.

With a very tough field of fighters to choose from it was once again coming down to a very close call. The fight of the night was the John Kelly / Joey Schiraldo bout. These two competitors went at it for the full 3 rounds. We also feel that an honorable mention of the Andras Gal vs. Eric Utsch match should be made. Gal and Utsch fought in what was awarded the best fight of the night in April of 2006 and came close to earning that title again.

The other highlights of the evening include an impressive stoppage by Andy Singh over Renato Lagoa, Max Chen’s gravity defying roll-over-in-mid-air kick in the Ciervo match and the first round one kick knock out of Rick Sanita. The Onjen Topic vs. Kevin Kerk match also lived up to our expectations.

Needless to say that the FNF NYC Series has “arrived”. Although we’ve been at it for nearly 10 years, it seems as though things are just getting started.

Our next event is scheduled for June 8th & we recommend that you get your tickets as soon as possible.

James King
Church St Gym
Muay Thai
Dec 3
David Helfant
Andy Singh
Extreme Gym
Muay Thai
K.O. 2
Renato Lagoa
Siam Number 1 House of Muay Thai
Onjen Topic
N. Jersey Muay Thai
Muay Thai
Dec 3
Kevin Kerk
Varlaro’s Martial Arts
Yale Zang
New York Boxing Gym
Dec 3
Lasheem Richardson
John Kelly
Body Arts Gym
Muay Thai
Dec 3
Joseph Shiraldo
Sitan Gym
William Whitt
Ardon’s Gym
Muay Thai
Dec 3
Jean Hackett
Reebok Gym
Simon Marcus
Siam  Number 1
Muay Thai
Dec 3
Dwight Grant
Anderson’s Martial Arts
Chad Makowski
Eclipse Gym
Muay Thai
Dec 3
Harry Rauch
Ardon’s Gym
Max Chen
Muay Thai
Dec 3
Jeff Ciervo
Body Arts Gym
Eric Utsch
Fairtex Gym
Muay Thai
Dec 5
Andras Gal
Ardon’s Gym
Chris Romulo
Church St Boxing Gym, NYC
Muay Thai
K.O. 1
Rick Sanita
Siam #1 House of Muay Thai

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